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 Our wide Range of Bedding Products 

We supply you with the matching bedding for your horse! In addition to different quality levels of wood-based bedding, we also offer you several bedding alternatives in order to satisfy your demands and your four-legged friends.

A high quality standard with regard to the product and service quality are a matter of course for us. We always observe the origin and quality of the raw materials used. By the continuous monitoring of our production processes, we can guarantee the consistent quality of our products.

Especially high flake content
Highest absorbency
Optimum yield
Virtually dust and germ free


Our special product

Light colour
High absorbency
Optimal box comfort
Virtually dust and germ free


Our classic product

Large bedding volume
Made from fresh wood
Pleasant wood scent
Virtually dust and germ free


Our high-volume product

Suitable for allergy sufferers
Highest absorbency
Low occurrence of manure
Rapid rotting


Our granulate

Combination of fresh wood and classic chipboard
Ideal bedding volume
High absorbency
Optimal tournament bedding


Our all-rounder

Horse Pellets
Natural softwood
Extremely absorbent
Virtually germ and dust free
Rapid rotting

Horse Pellets

Our pellets

Linen straw
Good price / performance ratio
Nearly dust-free
Problem-free manure disposal
High absorbency

Linen Straw

Our flax alternative

Straw pellets
Low workload
High absorbency
Problem-free manure disposal
Virtually dust and germ free

Straw Pellets

Our straw alternative

Hemp bedding
Low manure volume
Enormous absorbency
Environmentally friendly
Dust-free and odor-binding

Hemp Bedding

Our hemp alternative

Highest Demands

Bedding products with high quality You can trust our products!

The highest absorbency
The Highest Absorbency
Ideal bedding volumes
Ideal Bedding Volumes
Optimum yield
Optimum Yield
Almost free of germs and dust
Almost Free of Germs and dust
Produced from fresh wood
Produced from Fresh Wood

› Quality 

Being a manufacturer of high-quality bedding products, we always observe the origin and quality of the raw materials used. This quality is confirmed by many famous personalities.


› Agriculture

Our practical bedding products 

for pigs, cattle and poultry

Small animals

› Small Animals

Our sustainable bedding products 

for small animals and cats

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