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The bedding specialists of the brand Allspan, German Horse Pellets as well as TierWohl are found under the name Allspan German Horse, that are operating on the market together under the new name since 2019.



Being a manufacturer of high-quality bedding products, we always observe the origin and quality of the raw materials used. These are made of soft wood to 100%, and we guarantee that we only process untreated shavings. By the continuous monitoring of our raw materials and production processes, we can guarantee the consistent quality of our products. 


The Production Process 

In the production facilities of Allspan German Horse, the highest quality standards stand for maximum best animal bedding. Strict controls, clear specifications and experienced personnel stand as basis of the manufacturing process here. During the manufacturing, the shavings run through a special production process. All raw materials are absolutely natural, untreated and are refined in a closed production cycle, amongst others through diverse fractioning, sieving mechanisms and dust extractions. Modern and fully automated systems compress the different shaving and granulate qualities finally in the handy bales, and palletise them.

The finest fractions and the dust are compressed to wooden pellets and bedding granulate in a special process. Then the packaging and palletising is also carried out here. No waste is produced when manufacturing the product.

The end product is of extreme, natural purity and has the highest quality, which is checked additionally in extreme test laboratories and test procedures. In the Allspan German Horse plants, the modern, closed computer-controlled systems allow a processing in large batches with guaranteed quality that remains the same. Our quality management is certified in accordance with DIN EN ISO:9001.

Logistics and Sales

Being a globally operating company, we market our quality bedding products in many foreign markets. Our extensive dealer network guarantees the continuous supply of end consumers. With the processing of sales, we offer our customers an all-round service. 

All-round service 

We offer our customers an all-round service. We deliver our products per HGV (Tautliner, Mega-Trailer, Jumbo, groupage freight and bulk material), per container (20 and 40 feet) and on request, also per air freight. From the order to the free delivery, we look after you with the best knowledge - our experienced employees are at your disposal at all times.

Dealer Network 

The proximity to the market is a central topic for Allspan German Horse. Several plants in Germany permit short distances that also save you transport costs and a lot of time. Moreover, road traffic is relieved and protects the environment. The close, partnership-based cooperation with logistic companied and an extensive dealer network guarantee a professional and scheduled delivery of your bedding products.


Best Quality at a fair Price 

ISO EN 9001:2015 

With the production of our products, the quality of the end product always has the highest priority. By the continuous monitoring of the production processes, we are able to satisfy your requirements on high-quality horse bedding. Our products are practical, species-appropriate, and ensure outstanding hygiene. Those ordering from us are provided with bedding products quickly and uncomplicated. And that being at an absolutely fair price. 

To always be able to guarantee the consistent quality of our products, we place great emphasis on the adherence of corporate standards. For this reason, Allspan German Horse has already introduced a standardised quality management many years ago. This fulfils the internationally valid standards of the ISO EN 9001:2015 standard, according to which the company is certified since many years.

Products with the PEFC seal 

Being a manufacturer for bedding products based on wood, the quality and knowledge of the origin of our raw materials has a priority.  The woods used originate from domestic forests managed sustainably. As a company, we therefore make a decisive contribution to the environment. The Allspan German Horse Vertrieb GmbH & Co. KG is a PEFC certified manufacturer of wood bedding products since many years.

Forest certification in line with the standards of PEFC based on the strict guidelines for the sustainable management of forests. This management is controlled by competent and independent organisations. If a product made of wood bears the PEFC seal then this means that: the entire product manufacturing - from the raw material to the end product ready for use - is certified and is checked by independent technical experts. (Source:

That is what we Stand for with our Name

Many customers are convinced of the Allspan German Horse products. These include famous horse riders such as André Thieme, Gerd Sosath, Michael Jung, Hans-Dieter Dreher and Helen Langehanenberg. 


“The Allspan German Horse shavings and my horses have a lot in common: Always ready to ride and capable of high performance!”


“The quality of the Allspan German Horse products convinced me across the range. I can't imagine any better bedding for my stable!”


“The Allspan German Horse shavings belong in every stable. The boxes are cleared out quickly and easily which leaves me more time for my horses.”


“Only the best for my horses! This is why we use Allspan German Horse shavings.”

André Thieme (triple Derby winner)

Gerd Sosath (Internationally successful show jumper & breeder)

Hans-Dieter Dreher (Championship winner)

Helen Langehanenberg (team vice Olympic champion)

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Allspan German Horse

Our team consists of competent and experienced employees that are at your disposal at all times. Let us know which problem you have and we will find a solution.


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