Allspan German Horse 


Our Classic Product + Micro-organisms


Available in 24 kg bales.

Allspan German Horse 


Our Classic Product + Micro-organisms

The bedding and manure disposal are cost factors that should not be underestimated. For this reason, we offer a product that with the aid of natural processes, helps to reduced the consumption of bedding and thus make the heaps of manure smaller. The horse manure produced can also be disposed of more cost-effective.


Enriched with Micro-organisms

After drying, sieving and de-dusting, the classic Allspan German Horse shavings are enriched with natural micro-organisms in a special manufacturing process.


Low Manure Production

The micro-organisms are only active when moisture makes contact with the shavings. They feed themselves from the nitrogenous compounds in faeces and urine. Harmful ammonia gas can therefore no longer form. The nitrogen is transferred in harmless organic bonding forms. The micro-organisms grow rapidly and suppress potential pathogens Wood decomposing organisms on the other hand use the newly formed nitrogen compounds as source of food. This creates the desired bioactive underground. The wood is decomposed carefully, hygiene is maintained.

Helle Farbe

Light Colour

Das Produkt Allspan German Horse Bioaktiv ist ein feiner Hobelspan aus unbehandeltem Weichholz. Sie erhalten ein zu 100% naturbelassenes Einstreuprodukt.

Hohe Saugfähigkeit

High Absorbency

Our shavings convince with maximum moisture absorbency and odour absorption that guarantees a hygienic horse box in which the horses can stand soft and warm.

Bedding Recommendation

for Allspan German Horse Bioactive

To speed up the mattress formation, we recommend moistening the shavings and then to fasten them a little. Horse droppings should be thoroughly removed without loosening the mattress in the process. In this manner, a functional bioactive mattress forms in the first weeks, which has a thermally insulating effect.

Note: The actual material consumption may currently vary depending on the manure reaction, the time the horse stays in the box, or other factors. The specifications describe the average consumption per box.

Basic Bedding

For the basic bedding, you need approx. 3 to 4 bales for a standard box of 12m².

Bedding / Week

You should calculate approx. 1 to 2 bales per week for subsequent bedding.

Bedding Height

We recommend a bedding height of 10 to 15 cm.

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